I make stuff for the web.

What do I make?

I specialize in making blazing fast backends utilizing NodeJS. I have, however, worked with many other languages and frameworks in the past, and I pick up on new technologies very quickly. I'm also very comfortable working with frontends, where I make snappy, responsive user interfaces.

Backend development - I primarily use ExpressJS to create lightweight backends for all sorts of web applications. I have worked on simple CRUD applications as well as the backends for complex, real time, REST-driven frontends.

Frontend development - When a project requires a fairly simple frontend I use plain old Javascript, but when the need arises, I am happy to use libraries like React as well as architectures like Flux to create well-organized, fast user experiences.

Hardware development - I have done some hardware development using Arduino. There's still a huge depth of information to learn, but it's an area I feel comfortable developing for.

Design & UX - While I specialize in programming, I also have a good eye for design. I design user interfaces which are clean, minimalist, and get to the point. When working with CSS, I use SASS to create code which is organized and reusable.