HelloHi, my name is Sebastian
& I’m a web designer.
New Google Homepage (and logo) Redesign

Over the years, Google has made many small changes to their homepage, but they’ve all been very minor and barely noticeable. Today, Google has decided to break this trend with a complete overhaul of their homepage (and a slight change to their logo).

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Happy 4th of July

I’ve finally gotten around to creating a website for myself. Well, I’ve already created dozens, but this design is the first one I’ve truly been happy with. It just so happens that I’ve finished it right on my favorite holiday: the 4th of July. With all those fireworks, parades, and canons firing in the distance, what’s not to love? This year not only am I going to be celebrating whatever the 4th of July celebrates (I think it’s the signing of the Declaration of Independence) but also the creation of my awesome new site!

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About me
Hello! My name is Sebastian Kimberk. I’m a developer and a designer, among other things. This is my blog. Hopefully you’ll find something interesting.